Our Team

Antoni Nowak has dedicated his life to exploring and sharing the wonders of Florida. With a passion for the Sunshine State that began in his childhood, Antoni has spent decades immersing himself in the diverse landscapes, vibrant cities, and rich culture that make Florida unique.

Growing up, Antoni was fascinated by Florida’s natural beauty and dynamic environment. His curiosity led him on countless adventures across the state, from the serene beaches to the mysterious Everglades. Over the years, he developed a deep understanding of Florida’s ecosystems, weather patterns, and popular attractions, transforming his personal interests into a lifelong mission to help others appreciate and navigate the state’s many offerings.

Antoni’s extensive knowledge spans a wide range of Florida-related topics. He provides practical solutions for common issues visitors and residents might face, such as finding the best beach spots, understanding local wildlife, and preparing for the ever-changing weather. His insights into Disney World and Miami attractions offer invaluable guidance for families and tourists looking to make the most of their trips.

With a knack for simplifying complex information, Antoni excels in making Florida accessible and enjoyable for everyone. He combines firsthand experiences with a wealth of research to deliver accurate and engaging content that empowers individuals to explore and appreciate Florida’s diverse charms.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor planning a vacation or a long-time resident seeking new adventures, Antoni Nowak’s expertise can help you discover the best of Florida. His dedication to educating and assisting others ensures that you have the knowledge and confidence to enjoy all that the Sunshine State has to offer.

Email: antoni@floridaofcourse.com